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Teaching Resources contain lesson plans focused on Max Fisher's four key values: Wisdom, Generosity, Service, and Leadership. Lessons include individual and group activities and trigger questions for further thought.



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New Detroit article
Max Fisher with Yitzhak Rabin in 1967.
1990 letter from Max M. Fisher to Secretary of State Jim Baker concerning Middle East peace policy.
American Jewish Committee Human Relations Award
Jewish Welfare Federation Plaque
Max Fisher and President Ronald Reagan in the oval office.
Bill Berman talks about Max Fisher's commitment to finding consensus among groups in the pursuit of the right decision.
Christmas shoppers in Detroit in the 1950s
Agreement for the Reconstitution of the Jewish Agency of Israel
Bob McCabe explains how the Ren Cen was a catalyst for revitalizing Detroit.
Michigan Senate 80th Birthday Honors
President Reagan's Task Force Welcoming Letter
Max and Marjorie Fisher with Henry Ford II and his wife, Christina, during a trip to Israel in 1972.
Bob McCabe remembers how Max Fisher made the Ren Cen happen.
Operation Exodus Campaign Inaugural meeting
Max Fisher speaking in a UJA fundraising video about the need to support Jewish people around the world.