Peter Cummings 05

September 6, 2003


Peter Cummings remembers Max Fisher's leadership and commitment to Detroit, and on his loyalty to people and causes.
Credit: Mort Crim Communications

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I heard Max talking about the city for many years before I became a resident of the city. And I heard him say very, very frequently that before you can be a leader in your state or your country or even internationally, you need to be a leader in your own hometown. And it’s part of—for Max, I think it’s a manifestation of loyalty. As hard a sell as Max is, once he’s sold, once he’s a believer, loyalty takes over. And he is enormously loyal to people and to causes. He doesn’t make snap-judgments about the people and the causes that he’s going to be committed to, but once he’s committed, he’s committed. And I’ve seen this time and again with causes and with people.