Jane Sherman 03

September 6, 2003


Jane Sherman discusses how the riots of 1967 affected her father and inspired him to dedicate his life to rebuilding Detroit.
Credit: Mort Crim Communications

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Well I think—you know, you’re asking me, again, subjects that I haven’t really discussed with him, so it’s tough—but I think that I can only relate to the way it effected all of us. It was shock. Not that we didn’t have some warning that things were not, you know, a hundred percent O.K. But I think to see the city that he had spent so much of his life being a part of and growing up in—even though it was his adult life, and really he built his adult life around that city—burning, I think it had traumatic affect and I think that when he spent time after that it was to try to recover and rebuild the city. Which became very obvious, from New Detroit to New Renaissance and everything that he encouraged; Ford, and doing the building of the apartments downtown. This was all part of trying to give something back to the city that he had made his fortune in.