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Max Fisher was the son of immigrants who had little themselves but taught Max the value of giving back to his community. He was thankful for the chance to receive a college education. He recognized that Detroit was a wonderful place to live and work. And he learned that Israel was a unique country that always had room for Jews who were suffering around the world and needed a safe place to live and raise their families. His generosity touched millions of people who may never know his name but whose lives were vastly improved because of his actions.

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In October 1954, Max Fisher went to Israel as part of his first United Jewish Appeal study mission.
Photographs from the 1954 United Jewish Appeal Study Mission to Israel.
At least 150,000 new immigrants came to Israel in 1950, financed by the American People through the United Jewish Appeal.
Over 150,000 new immigrants arrived in Israel in 1950 from Europe and North Africa.
Max FIsher travelled with the United Jewish Appeal to Israel in 1954.
Left to Right: William E. Slaughter, Max M. Fisher, Charles Z. Hardwick, Henry Wenger, H.H. West, C.L. Orn.
William E. Slaughter and Max M. Fisher of Aurora Gasoline Company with J.C. Donnell II of The Ohio Oil Company.
Robert Aronson on Max Fisher's belief about giving back as the fundamental responsibility of a person.
Max Fisher speaking at a microphone in 1956.
Max Fisher speaks at the Allied Jewish Campaign fundraising event in 1958.
Gene Miller relates Max Fisher's legendary fundraising power.
Max Fisher and other Detroit Jewish Welfare Federation Pacesetters in 1965.
Left to Right: Honorary UJA Chairman Dewey Stone, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Chairman of the UJA Joseph Meyerhoff, Rabbi Herbert A. Friedman and Max M. Fisher at the White House.
Max Fisher speaking in a UJA fundraising video about the need to support Jewish people around the world.
(L-R) Al Taubman, Max Fisher, Charles Gershenson, Max Shaye
Max Fisher served as chairman of the 1961 United Foundation Torch Drive. He helped raise a record amount - $19.5 million.
1961 United Foundation Torch Drive
Jane Sherman talks about her father's success in fundraising.
Max Fisher presenting an award to Nate Appleman.
Max M. Fisher with Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir
Max Fisher Receives the Fred M. Butzel Award for Distinguished Community Service from the Jewish Federation of Detroit.
The 1964 Fred M. Butzel Award was given to Max M. Fisher.
Jewish Statesmanship Award
The National Distinguished Leadership Award was presented to Max M. Fisher by the American Jewish Committee in 1994.
Fisher leads a meeting with Al Taubman and others
Max Fisher and guests at the 1995 Fisher Meeting.
Max Fisher with Robert Aronson and Penny Blumenstein, both of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, at the Fisher Meeting in 2004.
Bar-Ilan Degree
Max M. Fisher and Barbara Walters were awarded honorary degrees from the Ohio State University in 1971.
Max Fisher with Whoopi Goldberg at Brandeis University Commencement, May 1997.
An honorary doctorate from Yeshiva University in New York presented to Max Fisher in 1976.
Max Fisher speaking at the 40th anniversary of the Jewish Community Council of Metropolitan Detroit at Shaarey Zedek Synagogue in Southfield, Michigan. (L-R) JCC President John H. Shepard, Max Fisher, Executive Director Alvin L. Kushner, and Judge Damon J. Keith.
Max Fisher and Avery Cohn at a Jewish Welfare Federation of Detroit campaign meeting
Max Fisher speaks during the dedication ceremony of the Max M. Fisher Building of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit.
Max Fisher poses with his grandchildren at the dedication ceremony of the Max M. Fisher building, the new headquarters of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit in 1992.
Robert Aronson talks about the difficulty of getting Max FIsher to agree to put his name on the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit's building.
Left to Right: Phillip Fisher, Tony Cummings, Marjorie Fisher, Max M. Fisher, Marjorie Aronow.
On October 21, 1998, the Columbus Dispatch published a full page article on the opening of the new Max M. Fisher College of Business.
Using a large donation from Max Fisher, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra opened the innovative Max M. Fisher Music Center, devoted to youth music education and professional rehearsal space.
Max Fisher enjoys the Detroit Symphony Orchestra with Peter Cummings and others.
Peter Cummings reflects on the name of the Max Fisher Center.
The front page of The Detroit News on September 26, 2003 featured an exclusive report about Max Fisher's $10 million gift to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and presented a brief sketch of a lifelong philanthropist they called "a giant in all the word implies." "There will never be another Max Fisher," added former Michigan Governor John Engler.
"The Amazing Life of Max Fisher" ran as the feature story on the front page of The Detroit Free Press on October 2, 2003 and detailed the life of the philanthropist and the opening of the Max M. Fisher Music Center at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Place.