Jane Sherman 01

September 6, 2003


Jane Sherman talks about her father's success in fundraising.
Credit: Mort Crim Communications

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Well, the first thing in fundraising is that you’ve got to do it first. And he was always the first to put up the money, the most amount of money, when he believed in it. And then he’d go to people and he’d say, ‘Look it, John. I’ve given—whatever the amount is—and I need you to join me and do it.’ And he’d have a certain way of—it’s very difficult for me to explain. First of all, he never solicited to me. (That tells us we have too much money—) He had a way about it, but I think basically it’s because, number one, he believed in what he was doing, number two, he put his money where his mouth is. And that’s the number one—I believe—the number one commitment to raising the most amount of money.