Robert Aronson 13

September 9, 2003


Robert Aronson, in an interview recorded in September 2003, explains that Max Fisher has been indispensable to the Prime Ministers of Israel because of his close relationship to US Presidents.
Credit: Mort Crim Communications

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Max has been absolutely indispensable to Israel leaders.. every Prime Minister. From the time of going back to probably Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister. He’s helped them understand how to deal with American Presidents. How to deal with things like the Senate. The Israelis.. the Israeli leaders have a very different kind of mentality.. different culture on how the deal people. Max has been able to help them understand how to approach Washington. And for that matter, how to approach and deal with the American Jewish community. So he has, really gone beyond simply the political realm. Also to the, what I call the relationship building realm um.. with American Jewry. He’s devoted his life to the security of the state of Israel. The success of the state of Israel, in ways that very-very few people have.