Max Fisher 17

September 6, 2003


Max Fisher speaking in a UJA fundraising video about the need to support Jewish people around the world.
Credit: Mort Crim Communications

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(Max Fisher in UJA fundraising video) How wonderful it is to be able bring people to freedom and to save lives. But how wonderful it would be if we had all the funds needed to do the whole job. Can our dollars do anything greater than save a life, or build one? We must back-up those who are devoting their lives to this task of rescue. And we must see to it there are funds enough to bring the immigrants, to receive them, to start them in their new life. Meanwhile, remember, a quarter of a million newcomers have come to Israel in the last four years. They also need our help until they are fully absorbed. Yes, all told nearly three quarters of a million Jews throughout the world—Jews in North Africa, Europe, and in other areas, as well as in Israel—must have our help. Support the United Jewish Appeal generously. Give now. The need is now.