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The Detroit Riots of 1967
Al Taubman talks about the key to Max's ability to raise funds.
Letter from Max M. Fisher to The Texas Jewish Post in support of President Reagan's economic policy.
Abba Eban dinner
The inner city neighborhoods in Detroit did not feel the economic growth created by the Detroit Renaissance.
Gerald Ford recalls Max Fisher's effective fundraising.
Agreement for the Reconstitution of the Jewish Agency of Israel
In the Fall of 1971, Henry Ford undertook the largest single building venture in Detroit’s history. The project was the Renaissance Center, also known as “RenCen.”
Hebrew University of Jerusalem Honorary Doctorate
Correspondence between Max M. Fisher and Judge Sherman C. Finesilver concerning the Rogers Plan.
Detroit's Renaissance Center Article
Peter Cummings explains why Max Fisher is such an effective fund-raiser.
"Detroit Renaissance: A Decade of Progress and A Commitment to the Future," 1981 address by Max M. Fisher, Chairman of the Board, Detroit Renaissance, Inc.
Max Fisher with future Israeli President Ephraim Katzir and Louis Pincus at the Founding Assembly for the Reconstituted JAFI in Jerusalem in 1971.
Detroit News on July 15, 1971
The Riverfront development in Detroit, part of the city's Renaissance led by Fisher and Taubman