Peter Golden 18

September 8, 2003


Peter Golden, in an interview recorded in September 2003, describes Max Fisher's approach to his relationship with President Gerald Ford.
Credit: Mort Crim Communications

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Well, President Ford trusted him because he knew him so long. And what he’ll tell you is that, Max is a straight shooter. And in general with Max, if you want to have influence with the President, tell him the truth. This idea of this complicated court... everyone went around trying to give his story.. there’s some of that in politics. But Max stayed away from that. You have to understand, what Max was looking to do was to be involved. He certainly didn’t need to be friends with the President to make a lot of money. And he certainly didn’t need to be in politics because he got to go out and eat at fancy restaurants. Don’t forget, a lot of the things that drive people, by this time.. by certainly.. by the time Gerry Ford is President.. are not in Max’s life. He’s made more money than he’s ever going to need. He.. he’s achieved all kinds of things, hundreds of honors. For Max it was being involved. It was.. it was being in the mix.